Wednesday, June 29, 2016

My Trip part V: Route 66 and the drive to Colorado

Driving to Flagstaff, AZ after the skywalk on June 9th, we stopped at the Roadkill Cafe for supper.  Jerry wasn't gonna pass up the chance to eat at a restaurant called that!! Food pretty decent, and the menu was a hoot.. all the food had roadkill names.  Roadkill is apart of the legendary Route 66 and we bumped into Route 66 Stuff several days of our trip in the AZ and NM areas.  (We spent a lovely afternoon in Williams AZ on the 8th, lots of route 66 stuff to enjoy!) On June 10th, we took another slight detour, this time to see a meteor crater about 45 minutes outside of Flagstaff .

a panoramic photo. I adore being able to make these!!

The museum attached to the site is really nice and informative.. we all enjoyed this stop.  It's considered the best preserved meteor site in the world.

The rest of the 10th was a few more fun route 66 stops, and lots of driving.... we did visit the Four Corners monument where you can stand in 4 states at once.

 and we enjoyed yet more gorgeous scenery driving on to Colorado.

taken from the car while driving.. it turned out great!! 

 We spent the 10th in Cortez CO so we could go another 45 minutes drive to Mesa Verde National Park bright and early in the morning - Next Blog

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