Saturday, July 30, 2016

Monkey Business is finished, sold and paid for!

You might remember last month I was working with monkeys.  You can see a peek of what I was working with - I was going to incorporate bananas into it but I couldn't get them to work like I wanted, especially since the monkeys I had are the no evils ones.  It seemed too much you know?

But I kept thinking about controlling monkeys to the point they basically can't do anything.  That's sort of sad right? And don't we all kind of control our inner monkeys to the point we are, well boring?? So I had to add "have no fun!" to my monkeys.  And since I want my monkeys to be fun, I had to add wings.  I added the spinner because I think we all need to make time for our inner monkeys to have some fun.

Here's how they look finished... this one already has a home.  I love how the vintage paper pocket watch face turned greenish.. I think the resin interacted with the patina on the back of the watch face which is brass.

I had to make earrings of course!!

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