Wednesday, July 20, 2016

what's on my table? Sales tax!

chainmaile combined with bead stringing? pretty no?  unlike most chainmaile I didn't find it relaxing, stringing between groups of links is a pain! 

My picture today is pretty bracelet, but I doubt I'll make more than the 2 I made.  weaving the wire between the links just so so -- painful!

This design is brought to mind because of the frustration level it entails... just like paying my quarterly sales tax!   OK I'm whining, paying quarterly sales tax in Iowa isn't bad ( don't get me started on other state's though) it's just I"m in the mood to make, have been all week and everything seems to conspire to keep me out of the studio.

Who wants to pay sales tax, wash dishes, be sick etc etc etc...  when you can work on jewelry!!!!

OK, I'll quit whining now... I hope everyone has a fun and relaxing rest of the week.. which I will if I ever make it back up to the studio!

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