Monday, July 11, 2016

This really kewl Bead Store in Denver

One last note on my trip - when we have time we always investigate shopping opportunities for our special interests. This means board games, books, manga, antiques, and for me of course, beads / jewelry supplies.

To be honest the last few years bead stores haven't had the allure they used to hold for me. I just don't use basic beads that much anymore. I still love them, I still adore them and will protect my stash (hoard) with my dying breath, but I really don't need to buy them at this point.  So when I buy at a retail store it's probably a very special one of a kind piece or a time-sensitive purchase. Or it's my desire to support bead shops in general. Even if I don't buy much local stores are important and deserve business's when I can swing it their way.   Shop local folks!!

That said, Denver is a huge city, so I wasn't going to pass up my chance at a bead store - the chances of finding a good one that might have stuff I could actually use ( read that as brass stampings, misc metal findings) was higher.  I researched it thoroughly the night before because we only had time for 1 shop before zipline-ing.   I finally picked Ornamental Beads  (the website doesn't do it justice!! ) because it had great ratings online and the reviews talked about how broad the stock was.  She had thousands of brass stampings and vintage cabs and other lovely stuff.. I had to limit how much I spent, and she even gave me a wholesaler's discount... always appreciated.

So if you are in Denver, and have only 1 shop to go to, this is the one!
droool droool droool! vintage stock porcelain cabs faux 1800's clock face.  I adore these!  Yes some fancy clocks/watches really had painted scenes on them 

I love this pendant! vintage stock, real 20K gold plate

OK, I'll probably sell the amber ones, amber just isn't me really, but the blue-green mixed stones are awesome!  more vintage.. sensing a trend here? 

the whole stash 

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CraftyHope said...

Nice haul! I'm not sure if I'll ever be up there but definitely worth keeping in mind!!