Sunday, October 23, 2016

So it's that Time again.... Show research....

So I'm done more or less for shows for the year.  This is the time where I  get to recharge my batteries, plan new designs and pick up those projects I got stuck on and try again. See the pics of the very lovely work in progress? I started this maybe in March? but got stuck, then got busy, and it's just sitting in one of the many piles of half done somethings.  I hope I'll pick it up again at some point this winter, the vintage chandelier crystal wrapped in copper.. it's de-lish!  But then I'm not sure where it needs to go after that.  I originally thought pearls, but I don't know now.   I hate being indecisive, especially about my art!

It's also the time of year where I need to figure out my show schedule.  It's just penciling in shows I'm interested in, so I can get time off at my day job ( if needed) and start planning what pictures to send in for the jury.  I need to figure out weekends that I already know won't work ( family things) and decide if we want a family vacation or not... and plan around holidays and every one's work schedules.

Last year Jerry and I made the conscious decision to cut shows in half.  After much lively discussion, we've decided that again in 2017 to have a smaller schedule. For 2017 I'm aiming for 10-14 .  (For comparison, our biggest year was 27 shows)  So the shows I pick out to try for -- and there is no guarantee I will get in!- have to be planned out very carefully.  Just as carefully as I think about this piece.

It's possible that I won't get in to most of the shows I apply for, then I will be stuck with just a few shows for the year.  It's a horrible possibility, but very real.  You just never know with juries.  In past years I would have back up shows I could apply for later... I don't believe I'll do that.  It's so much stress trying to juggle multiple possible shows on the same date.

So I will aim for 10-14 shows, and maybe I'll end up doing 6, who knows?

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