Friday, November 10, 2017

3 Necklaces

 OK, I'm trying to catch up on all the photos I've taken during the season as I make things, so this post I'm showing you 3 necklaces I made just in the last month...
 Now Jerry gets little grumpy at me when I make stuff that isn't in my main lines, but sometimes I just need to make something that talks to me.  I was digging out a few jasper beads to make dangles on a bracelet... and ran across this silver leaf jasper teardrop stone pendant... and I just had to make something!!! Seriously!! I haven't touched my semi-precious stone collection in ages, and this poor, beautiful teardrop cried out to me!!!!

so I found a few more stone beads in various types of jasper, and came up with this fantastic necklace with brass dragonfly. 
 Yet another dragonfly, but this is attached artfully to a flute key.  This is available at Five Monkeys Inc Gallery  and I have one pair left of matching flute earrings.

I adore this one, and it's super light !  It's part of a vintage drawer decoration, I bought it some time ago at a flea market in a mix box of door and drawers brass bits.  The patina is fantastic, but it's so thin and light that I put some resin on the backside to make it sturdier.  I added a vintage clock gear and a lovely drop crystal.  The piece is just fantastically detailed.  This is available at Five Monkeys Inc Gallery

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