Sunday, November 5, 2017

This is my 1000th blog post

I wish I could spin some pithy interesting story for my 1000th blog but honestly it kind of snuck up on me and I really don't have any interesting ruminations to share on this mile-stone.  So instead I'll share this picture of a piece that's already sold, even though I only made it in September.

I love the extra face in this one.  I designed it for the fairy and the watch face and gears, but when I laid it all out there was this empty spot.  I thought about putting another gear or face in but it didn't look good to me.  I finally added the copper Art Nouveau  lady and it popped!!

So wish me happy 1000th blog post.  This weekend I'm sorting several lbs of brass findings/stampings.  (my pretttties! my prettties! )   I'm just not into making anything today.. but I've sketched out a few ideas while I"m playing around my piles of brass bits.

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