Thursday, November 2, 2017

I'm featured artist at the Gallery!!!!!

 I'm so happy to get my jewelry set up in the place of pride at Five Monkeys, Inc Gallery here in town!  I'm to be featured artist both November and December, so not only is my display huge right now, I'll be in close touch with Dina, our wonderful Gallery Mistress and keep it stocked at all times. 

But here is the 2 main views of the display - window side -

and in the store side :

and here are some close ups:

Under the Sea!

 King of the World!

On the top shelf is our lovely 1940's radio with great necklaces !

Window side you have chainmaile and rings and more necklaces and such...

I think the display turned out great.... you need to see it in person, as well as all the other great art Five Monkey has, all of it by Iowa Artists, many of them local to the Des Moines Area.

and you can check out the vintage record store as well all at one great location at 4211 Chamberlain Ave in Des Moines, across the street from the shops at Roosevelt.

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CraftyHope said...

Congrats! It all looks fabulous. I hope you have loads and loads of sales.