Monday, January 29, 2018

I had a FANTASTIC weekend!!!!

Showing off our new artwork... while my jewelry at the gallery is in the background.
 I had a fantastic weekend, all because my fab sister decided to stay an extra day!!

Gretchen originally planned to stay only a couple of days, and go back to IL on Saturday, but she changed her mind... so we planned a whole day together, something we haven't done in ages... I would guess like 20 years!! not that we don't want to spend time together, but 6-7 hours distance between us and we both have families, really getting to spend quality time just us as SISTERS again has been a challenge.

First we went and did a wonderful art class at Five Monkeys, playing with alcohol inks.  I've used Alcohol inks before on my metal jewelry, so it was fascinating to learn techniques for paper... I'm sure some of this will transfer to my jewelry!  I've got a whole list of things to try next time I sit down to color my metal!

Then we ate out at Olive Garden, one of my favorite restaurants.  Went to Nan's Nummies for a bakery hit ( I adore the oatmeal scotchies there, and the special k bar's and the salted nut rolls and the ...... )  and then went to Mom's house to hang out for a couple of hours.  Finally we headed to Gretchen's Friend's house for supper and Outlander final episode party.

Seriously had a good time! 

Got more family time in on Sunday. so actually I didn't make any jewelry really this weekend, but that's OK, I'm raring to go tonight!!

Elegant necklace with vintage crystals, gold-filled vintage watch case and gold-filled chain.  You can buy this at the gallery!

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