Friday, January 26, 2018

Predicting the Future..... with the magic elephant!

 I loved 8 balls as a kid... had one for awhile.  Can't honestly say it was the most accurate predictor of the future, but it's the possibility of the the thing right?   The questions we would ask it, trying to see if it really worked or not, the wacky fun of asking strange questions and giggling over the results.

A couple months ago, one of my facebook groups had a challenge to complete an elephant necklace in some fashion.

It's a 1928 piece that got reissued specifically for this group to play with.  The base is hollow and you also got a glass cab to seal it with, the idea you could put anything in it and decorate the elephant how you wanted.

I immediately flashed to the 8 ball, not sure why... maybe because elephants never forget, so following that logic, they ought to know everything as well.

So I found a mini 8 ball, and took it apart ( let me tell you, that wasn't easy.  took vice-grips, a hammer and a saw)

I carefully saved the fluid so the ball would work as well.  I glued it all together with fish tank glue from the hardware store, and added crystals for just a touch of bling.

 As you can see it actually works.... I didn't win the contest even thought the above picture was me asking if I would!   OK it worked for alittle while... cause it started to leak.

I did rip it apart.  I have another idea I want to try, but I 've kept the decision die and maybe I'll do something with it again in the future.

It feeds the soul to try new things, even when they don't work out. 

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Chelle said...

Oh wow.... I love love love this. When it came to me asking if I was going to marry certain boyfriends, that ball was always right.... NO. hahhahahaaa