Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Narrowing down the pile

So here I am spreading out most of the stuff from my giant pile I started the year with.  This is one of the way I create -- I spread stuff out, and start adding and subtracting stuff to each "group" until I like how it feels/looks/says. 

Some of what you see here, isn't going to go anywhere.. and some of it is most certainly on it's way to being someone's favorite piece of jewelry for years to come.  (At least I hope so)

So what do you see when you look at this ?

For what I see... I'll keep posting pile pics as I get stuff done...

here is another right now, using vintage necklace pieces.  2 of the segments of this necklace were broken and missing stones.  So I took it apart and make it into 2 bracelets.  I love the vintage glam necklaces from the 40-60's  (I am guessing this is late 50's early 60's)   So much sparkle and movement!!

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