Wednesday, September 12, 2007

YOJ: Week 35: Gift of the Sea

It's been a rough 3-4 weeks. We had a death in the family; back to back shows; school starting for my daughter; and all the regular mundane things that get in the way of the creative process. I've felt out of sorts, depressed, and darn snarky for the last several weeks. I've not touched beads nor even been in the studio this past week. I have 2 more weekend shows, then a break of over a month. I'm really looking forward to the break... My house will finally be approaching clean ( and believe me, I have low standards to begin with, so don't even think of what it looks like right now). I can actually put all my beads away and my tools, and have an ordered work space again. Right now everything is sort of jumbled, and my tools are packed already for the show this weekend. It really helps me work when things are in their place. It always cheers me up when I can putter in the workroom, even if it's just putting things away or sweeping up the beads. It's very calming and centering, and boy I've missed that feeling!!
I will finally have time to really work on the challenges again. And it will be a new Quarter for Year of Jewelry, with different themes. I have to admit, the themes this quarter didn't do much for me. Course with a full show schedule and extra deadlines, I wonder how much of it is the time squeeze.
It's really funny, in my "normal" endeavors, time pressure is a good thing. I work well under pressure. Mom and Dad are coming over tomorrow? Swell, let's get the kitchen clean, chop chop. "Mom, I need treats for school tomorrow, sorry I forgot to tell you." No problem, lets run to the store. At work, "can I pull you into this meeting without any warning, and have you demonstrate how to do this type of order?" Ek! but sure.
But for making Jewelry, for the design process I like to take my time. I like to clean up the desk for a new project, then dig everything out that I think might want to use. Sometimes i just stare at the pile for awhile, laying colored pearls against glass, imagining what it will look like when it's finished. I really enjoy when I can "spend" time designing, even if I end up making nothing. Some of my kewlest stuff ( IMHO) is the jewelry pieces I got to "dally" over. Sure I whip out stuff for inventory; but lately I hate when I have to do that. More and more I want to explore combinations, try new techniques, just play with them, and that takes time, time I've not had for over a month. I want to expand my boundaries of jewelry making, and it takes that most precious commodity ---- TIME. Sign, 2 more weeks.
In an effort to get caught up on YOJ, I present "Gift of the Sea". I think I made this in march? I took pictures of it, which is a good thing as it's long gone, sold earlier this summer at some show. I love the shape of it, and mixing pearls with amethyst, Yummy!!! The final shape made me think of a nautilus, and with the pearls in it naming it Gift of the Sea felt right. Even though this piece is several months old, I remember very clearly how much fun I had making it. I remember it took me 2-3 nights of working on it. I had to restart at one point because it didnt' look right. And when I finished it, thinking I wanted to make more fun pieces. Sign. TIME. 2 weeks... sign.....

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No Easy Beads said...

This has got to be my favortie piece!! Good work Kat.