Tuesday, September 25, 2007

YOJ Week 38: not on topic (but you will love this piece anyway)

OK, I love this necklace! I have been hording these Botswana Agate beads since March, I got most of them at a Rings & Thing trade show. I also bought these gorgeous large tear drops of Russian Lace agate at the same show. It's funny, I bought the strand of Russian lace for 1 peculiar bead, which I've not used yet. They are gorgeous, Lot's of inclusions and color.. except for the one I used here. it's still gorgeous, but in a monotone grey kind of fashion. Originally ( and I still probably will at some point) I wanted to make a multi strand twisted necklace with Botswana, labradorite, moonstone and pearls. But While twisting various strands together, trying to come up with a nice mix, I ran across the Russian strand and realized how perfectly the color match with the Botswana. After some experimentation, it ended up being all Botswana and the 1 Russian Lace. The oblong Botswana have more color in them than some, a lovely pinkish hue. I wanted to bring more of that to the pendant. I also decided I wanted to wrap the pendant in some way, but I couldn't really come up with a plan that looked right. I finally was going to just frame the teardrop with 1 loop of wire with the Botswana on it, but as I started to work on that, I had a absolute flash of inspiration... and suddenly I had this wonderful to die for spiral in front of the Russian Lace teardrop. I love spirals, love them love them love them!! they almost always look good, the shape makes me think of how the whole universe is put together, the flow of the lines of them are pleasing to the eye. And they are fun to make!! what is there NOT to like about spirals? I really haven't named this one, but now typing this I'm thinking earth dance. I love the earrings 2. The triple spirals are actually necklace hooks, just used for earrings. (I used them on the necklace also to attach my hand fabricated clasp) Actually I want to made make me a pair, because being hooks I could easily change the dangles at whim. hum......

Now the sad part is I actually had a couple of good ideas for Ra, the subject for this week, but didn't have the time. I have my sketches though, and maybe someday I find the perfect bead to be the center of the pendant I've got scribbled out.

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The bad Liz said...

Finally had time to read up on what you have been doing and I love it - love it all!!!!

You rock, sister!!!