Sunday, September 16, 2007

YOJ Week 37: Summer Heat

With this piece, actually made only 2 weeks ago, I'm actually caught up again! yeah me! I made this thinking of the themes... I never really got a good handle on the overall theme this quarter, but working with fire opal agate (or fire crab agate, take your pick) at least I'm in the right color zone. I made about 3 different pairs of earrings to go with this piece, but Alas, they are buried right now in inventory. If I find them b4 I actually sell them, I"ll add pics to this entry. Anyway, I'm pleased with this piece, it's very simple and has elegant lines. I also used up an entire strand of the strangest orangy-burnt red pearls I've ever seen, and had despaired of ever using. Now I wished I'd bought 3 strands, as the color goes so well with the fire agate!! (isn't that always the problem with beads??? ) I really need to make more of these simpler type pendant necklaces. They look good and are fun to make!

Now, on Weds (9/12/07)'s blog entry, I whined and whined about not beading all week. Well Thurs I had to make something, if for no other reason than to say I made something last week after all!! So made a deal with the hubby and after supper I got the rest of the day "off" as parent, and I puttered around for an hour or so cleaning and putting stuff away ( not everything, as I had another show coming up on Sat, which went very very well thank you! ) and then got an itch to make something, anything!!! so I made this pendant out of 18 ga & 22 ga silver. I broke out my new set of hammers to make the patterning. Wheeee! what fun!! I like the design also, I"ll have to try a few more like this. I show you the back too, to show the bail loop. Simple, elegant, and wicked fun to bang away with the hammer, it's been 2 long since I've hammered a piece!!

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