Sunday, January 24, 2010

Some random pictures of my glass shop....

My glass shop is actually my 2nd bench in my studio, where I normally cut, torch and pound metals. Right now it's messy with lovely glass stuff, and I've got a couple of other orders on the way. (wooo hoo! more lovely, sparkly, fun glass to melt!) Right now my desk is full of COE 96. The Second photo is showing a few cabs set up for firing. I can fire 10-12 at a time depending on size. Third photo is a bunch of glass cabs in various stages. Most of the cabs I make are fire at least 2 times, sometimes up to 4. Each firing I add design elements such as more dichro or clear for spark and depth. The final run is a fire-polish and annealing.
No don't think I'm ignoring my other jewelry making passions, such as wire work! I have a 2ND bench/desk in my studio, which I try very hard to keep clean enough to actually make things on it. Right now I've been concentrating on making pendants and working on my challenge piece for 2010... more on that soon!

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