Monday, February 22, 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010. This reporter stood her ground and staked the exclusive spa that Kat had checked into with her friends for BeadCon. On this day, the ladies got a slightly later start and made an excursion to an unlikely location; Hobby Lobby. To the delight of Kat, the hobby and craft store carried more items she could use than she'd realized. So she, Cathie and Sue exited the store with more ideas and inspiration.

Still unable to gain any photographic evidence of the women's beady obssession, this reporter followed them to a local BBQ joint where they celebrated Sue's birthday with family and friends. It all seemed quite inocuous, but was obviously a smoke screen to throw off the gullible. After dinner, the ladies returned to the spa and got to work once more with the addition of margaritas as evidenced by the tiny little drink umbrellas theat were found in the trash the following day.
Saturday was deemed a day of lock down while Kat and her minions plotted their beady plans.

This reporter only saw passing glances of the women as they came and went from the work room to the kitchen and back. Music was played, jewelry was made and plans for future BeadCons were obviously made. Using a long distance lens (since the guard dogs were still out and about), I was able to spot that Sue had made favors, sewn them on their matching bags and even come up with the next challenge.

When dinner time came, this reporter ceased the opportunity. The guard dogs were distracted by the catered meal, this time by Chef Johnnie. I made my way into the work shop clandestinely and took as many pictures as I deemed safe. A few pictures are fuzzy as the rabbit fur on my coat apears to have triggered one of the guard dogs and I was forced to run for my very life.

As with all good things, Bead Con ended with all three women exhausted, happy and delighted to have spent time with one another.

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