Wednesday, February 17, 2010

SSSSSSSSSSSS! be very very quiet.....

Around 10am I'm leaving today for my South Dakota Trip to visit my good friends Sue & Cathie.. They are leaving around 930am. So If I've timed this right, there is no way they will see my post before I see them!

Why is this important?? Because each year we do a jewelry design challenge. Somebody buys kewl beads and materials and gifts them to the other 2... and then we each have to make something with the same items and we share that something the next get together. This year it was my turn to buy. I selected altra kewl face beads by Jodie Marshall ( and assorted spacers. The 2 pictures above show the same beads btw, each side is a different "mood".

I cannot wait to see what the ladies of SD come up with!!!! But here is what I came up with! I call him my mood worm ( Jerry calls it my Witchy-Worm) The hat is 20GA wrapped in 26 GA sterling silver. It's hard to see but I've got purple wire as "hair" tucked up under the hat. Between the lampwork spacers are vintage crystals naturally! I really like him, and he's a keeper!! Hopefully while at the Littleton Hotel and Beady Resort Spa I'll have computer privileges and I'll be able to get the Ladies wonderful pieces up ! Here are a couple of in progress shots.

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The bad Liz said...

Witchy worm might have to come and visit Detroit!