Sunday, February 28, 2010

I had SUCH a good time last week......

As you can see from the taken over entries of my blog, last week I spend in the company of 2 very wonderful ladies who just happen to be my good friends who live in South Dakota! We laughed, we created, we ate (oh my stars, I'm gonna be dreamin' about Johny's Turkey diner and sour cream mashed potatoes' for months!) and laughed some more! I can't wait til we get together again, fortunately I only have to wait 2 months!

In the mean time, I'm gearing up for my next show, which is this Saturday at LivingRoom Coffee house, in Valley Junction from 11-4pm. I've got bunches of new jewelry pieces so be sure to drop by!

I'm going to be mean though... I'm keeping the earrings shown below. I fell in love them as soon as I finished them... don't worry though, as soon as I get more of these disk beads I'll probably make another pair. The disks are from one of my favorite lampwork artists, Jodie Marshall. ( The disks are left over from my challenge project. I love love love these earrings, and I'm wearing them as I type this!

More pics coming in the next few days, showing items that I am able to part with so stay tuned!

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