Thursday, April 1, 2010

PMC Samples

Here is the batch of PMC I fired this weekend. I'm very pleased! I still need to clean them up alitte, and then I can make them into jewelry! For those who are not familiar with PMC, PMC is precious metal clay.. it's actually little bits ( really tiny little bits) of fine silver in a binder. You can roll it out just like play-do, let it dry and then fire it.
This one is totally made by me.. the glass cab I used I made! I need to add a bail.

I need to finish cleaning them up, then I'll probably add a patina to them to highlight the designs, clean them again, polish them, and hopefully sell them!


Tammy Jones said...

They're GORGEOUS!!

Anonymous said...

ok so how much for the blue one ??--guess who :)

Anonymous said...

So you never said -- how much for the blue one :) come one you have to know who wants a "blue" one..really need a hint?

Kat BM said...

$50.00, once it's finished.. I need to add a bail, then I'll post new pics! and I have no idea who you are!