Thursday, April 15, 2010

The new stash from the Omaha show...

Last Saturday I went to the Bead show in Omaha NE hosted by the Bead Society there. It's always one of my favorite shows.. and the last few years I've gone down with several friends and we share a hotel to stay the night. This year wasn't any different.. Went down with Anne, Julie, Jodi, and Abigail, and met up with native Nebraskan Nancy. We had a blast buying stuff, eating at a really nice Italian restaurant. Did you know that Embassy Suites has a managers reception in the evening? Free Booze! WOOT! And Abigail bought wine for the room. After supper we all beaded/made jewelry and just had a really good time sharing our goodies and conversing.
Probably the most interesting thing I bought this year are watch parts. I'm never made anything steampunkish.. never felt like making anything like that before. But this watch part calls to me.. it wants to be something!

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