Thursday, April 22, 2010

On the Road Again....

Tomorrow Morning Jerry and I are heading to Magecon in South Sioux City NE for the weekend. I love this show.. I never make much money at it, but Jerry is happy because he gets to game all weekend. I love it because I get to hang with my good friends Cathie & Sue. We set up this huge mega booth ( one side my jewelry, one side theirs) and then we bead and make jewelry all weekend inside the combined booth.

The pendant is one of my glass cabs I've finished recently. The copper is hand cut, filed, sanded and then textured with hammers. I added a patina to bring out the lovely hammer marks, punched a few holes and then used sterling wire to "sew" the cab to the copper. I loved how this one turned out, and want to make more!

The decision to buy the kiln in December was one of the best decisions I've made business wise ever!

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