Sunday, April 4, 2010

another project in process...

I was looking for another photo and ran across yet another project I started but didn't finish.. yet. Man I really need to get back to metalsmithing! The triangle is made out of Sterling silver, don't remember what gauge, probably 16 or 18. My plan was to solder it to the copper, making some sort of kewl pendant. problem is I had 2 MANY ideas of what I wanted to do. I have 2-1/2 pages in my sketchbook based on this simple idea. Before I decided which I wanted to do.. or all, I ran into summer show season and time constants. I have a couple of other metalworking projects in various stages. Normally I would have picked them back up before now, but I've been soooo enthralled by playing with the kiln! I'll get back to them eventually.

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