Monday, January 10, 2011

What's on my Desk Today

I've had a couple-3 of commissions the last week, I finished the 2ND to the last one today. Here is a shot of my messy messy desk as I wire wrap.

The customer wanted this special cab wrapped in gold-filled wire. When we had our consultation, we agreed which side was the "face" and orientation.

As I wrapped it, I really started to look at the back side and decided I liked both faces!

So here is the official "back"

and here is the official "front".

I'm hoping the customer will appreciate being able to choose which side she feels like on any given day. I love doing commissions, and this was really fun.. the stone has personal meaning to her, which makes the wrapping extra special!

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Ajdjss Guild said...

Wow--I loved reading about how you made this pendant--very cool!
margo :o)