Sunday, January 23, 2011

What's on my mind today

Most of you know I have a day job like most artists, to take care of everyday needs like food and mortgage.

I'm feeling very weird, as my office building caught on fire on Sat. We are getting relocated to the other downtown location for now. Still Monday is going to be strange. My brain, which doesn't seem to shut off anyway, keeps coming up with more and more questions about work.

Will we even be able to work on Monday? .. we are talking about 90 or so people just from my floor alone, having to be transplanted in just under 72 hours to another building. Nothing so far can be transferred from my old building, due to smoke/water/fire damage, at least at this time. Just getting all that office equipment -- desks, computers, chairs, office supplies etc etc etc, pulled together and up and running for that many people, without being able to use the old stuff.... My boss says yes, but this will be quite a feat. They also have to be able to transfer the other floor's workers too.. the whole building will be abandoned for now, as they sort out the issues caused by the fire. Not even sure at this point if the building will remain, it's all up in the air right now.

And of course all of my associated mundane personal issues. I didn't keep anything "valuable" at work, but that doesn't mean I don't have treasures that I may or may not get back. I have several drawings done my beloved daughter that I would hate to lose. I had a whole collection of cartoon toys decorating my desk, and of course pictures of my family. I had a clock that my Dad made me with his own two hands.

And of course to do my job I had manuals and cheat sheets, which at this time we cannot pull from the old building. Most of this stuff is online on the company intranet, but there is a reason you make manuals and cheat sheets, because for some things it's just more efficient to briefly glance at the info on paper, instead of searching for it in company documentation. I had stickies going around my computer screen with the top codes / bits of info I needed for my job. (Will they have pens, scratch paper, stickies ready for Monday?)

I fortunately took my ipod home on Fri, but not the headset. Jerry is going to buy me a new one to use for now. I know it's silly, but that hurts alittle. I just got this headset at Christmas from him, as an extra Christmas present after the fact. We were browsing at Office Max and he came up with it in his hand, because he remembered I "mentioned" a month or so b4 that my old one was wearing out. (the old one was in my desk at work also) It was so wonderful that he remember what was more or less a throw away remark!! ( I love being married to this man!!)

And since I'm asthmatic, even if I get this stuff back, there is a good chance I won't be able to be around it. It's heart breaking to think I can get my stuff back relatively unharmed but will still have to throw it away because of lingering smoke smell.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it will be fine ( if Chaotic) at work this coming week.. and they will iron out all the issues quickly and I have a great manager who's probably not sleeping right now trying to get everything ready. And boy I"m so glad I have a job to report to on Monday, even if it's going to be strange and completely different.

But I hate feeling so out of control of my own fate. I think I will go upstairs in the studio and reorganize my blue beads or something, just to feel like I can control something.

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Angela Meijer said...

I'm so sorry about this Kat. :-(