Monday, January 17, 2011

What's on my desk....

I had a busy weekend, unfortunately very little of it was in the studio making happy crazy creative stuff!! Don't get me wrong, I had a very good time.. Saturday was Game Day for the hubby and friends, my daughter had friends over and I took my mom shopping and fudge, and Sunday got together with my sis-in-law Karla for a belated birthday treat for her... we all saw the Green Hornet ( It was OK, but it was 2 boy-centric. saying more than that will only spoil the plot, such as it was, so I'll stop there) Between all of that I did household chores, finished up on business paperwork for 2010 and worked on apps for shows this summer.
Still I found some time to create.. the top pictures shows the great findings/beads that I've been wanting to play with. This week I'll show you what I make with them. Of the four, I've made 3 things, and first up is a great pair of brass stampings which are silver-plated. they have a lovely trailing design on them, but I found I liked them better from the back. So I gently hammered them flat, and wired them so the back shows instead of the front. I dangled them from pearls and sterling. By switching the back to the front, I think they have a great vintage vibe. I think they make great drop earrings this way, and I am seriously tempted to just keep them!
Tomorrow I'll show you another one.. and I'm hoping to have time maybe Weds to work on the last project !

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