Saturday, March 17, 2012


When you run a small business, especially a creative one that feeds your soul, keeping life in balance can be real tough thing to do.

Family, Friends, the $ job, the home business, time for yourself.... health, sleep, downtime....

Figuring out competing priorities can give you a headache!

And when you are a mom, you want to do this well, because you are the example to your child. And when you don't do it well, everything can suck.

A couple of months ago while applying to shows I didn't think about my little girls drama ambitions. She got a part in the spring musical! And Of course I had a application out for that weekend.... I felt so crappy about that. When she was in the fall play I helped all 3 nights of the play and watched it with joy in my heart. This time I wouldn't even get to see the play, let alone the logistics of a weekend where hubby and I are 3 hours away! This is the first year that my daughter really has extracurricular activities to work around, but still. Bad Mom.

First time in my life I received the reject notice from a show with glee!!! I didn't get in-- Yippee!!! I'm so relieved that I can not only see her in the musical but I can support her group by helping like last time. I will also keep better track in the future so I don't screw up for real! And I won't have to cancel on them and loose my $160.00 table fee and feel guilty for backing out and hurting my rep as a reliable artist, which is what I'd decided to do if I got juried in.

It's a wonderful art show I will be missing, and a prime weekend ( Mom day weekend), but even a great show isn't worth missing my daughter's play. (hopefully I will get in the rest of the shows I've applied for, and hopefully no more serious life conflicts)

I've tried very hard to keep the balance between the business, family, work and self needs the last few years.

You only have so much time in life you know.

So When my hubby wants to spend time together as a couple, even if I have something planned already, I'm probably going to do the hubby thing.

It's the perfect weekend for it, as little girl is visiting relatives for spring break, and the weather couldn't be nicer. (78 in March!)

It's not even "bad" for the business, as we went antique hunting. We hit a few garage sales ( total bust ) a couple of antique malls ( the photo above is my big "score" for the trip... vintage brass bits, probably hardware scavaged off old furiture. Some of the pieces are in rough shape, but I know I have very interesting pieces to incorporate into jewelry) and the I-80 flea market. Then hubby and I went to one of our most favorite places in the world, 1/2-price book store. I picked up some good "me" time books (including 2 Heyers!!) and a couple of jewelry making books to browse through for inspiration. All the while, hanging out together and chating about nothing special, which is the important thing in life and the glue that holds a family together.

We hit a couple of bakeries, (I'm always up for bakeries) Creme Cupcake is wonderful, and a brand new one in Des Moines : ElCafeCito Bakery with mexican cookies and pastries. (haven't eaten them yet, but they smell so good! I have to let supper set some more before I try those)

Now I'm home, and Jerry and I just had homemade pizza. (Hamburger, 6 different cheeses mixed together, yum!)

I'm catching up on internet stuff and in a little while Jerry and I will probably snuggle together and read new books.

Life can be very, very good.

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