Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sharing the good life.....

I had a good weekend this weekend.. I really did. One of the things Jerry and I did was shop for antiques and such.

He got the brilliant idea!

I've been incorporating reused/recycled items in my jewelry but his idea was to buy cheapo cameras, break them apart and incorporate pieces of them into my work.

Finally, I can used my husband's finely honed ability to destroy things!

He had a great time breaking up the 2 cameras we bought.

Being probably 80's cameras they were mostly plastic, with some metal bits. It's the metal I want... but a couple of the small plastic parts were interesting, so I kept them also.

The antique mall had some really lovely, vintage cameras but they were very expensive. Besides, they were so beautiful, I wouldn't have the heart to break them apart.

But a old Polaroid bought at Good will for $2.00? you bet! Another old camera that was $4.50? sure why not!
I I really consider this pendant collaborate effort.. Jerry took something apart, I put it back together again with some brass cogs and gears and copper wire.

He was so proud of it, he took a picture and sold it the next day to a co-worker!

And I've got 3 baggies full of interesting bits to use in future pieces...

I can't wait to see what he drags home next!

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