Saturday, August 18, 2012

Farmer's Market Rocks!

Had another awesome day at DownTown Farmer's Market today!! First, I can't ask for better weather... almost no wind  ( I didn't have to even tape earring cards down!) and the high today is 76.  WOW!   Course the last show we did ( almost a month ago ) I believe it hit 102 degrees...

Since it's also Fair weekend, I think alot of folks hit the market before heading to the fair.  For whatever the reason, we had a great market all the way around.

I also sold most of my steampunk and re-purposed items that I had made up... which is lovely cause now I have the best excuse to make more!! Jerry has ripped up the sewing machine, some very interesting bits in that pile... hmm....  He's also got some turn of the century door parts, a old vcr, a few watches and a vcr to take apart as well...

The big cog and the cross bar are from the cash register, and it sold today

This sold also... a mix of brass stampings and vintage watch parts

Jerry and his assistant Jesscera starting in on the sewing machine.  It's from 1968.  It didn't work, got it at a garage sale on the trip for $3.00, so no quilt in ripping it apart.

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