Sunday, August 12, 2012

My BACCCK! and in a destructive mood....

We had a great vacation!!! Went on a cruise, kicked around New Orleans for 3 days, and meandered back to Iowa through Arkansas and Missouri and got back yesterday after over 2 weeks of travel.

I'm sure I'll be peppering my blogs with trip tidbits for the next several months, but today I want to share one of the things I bought on the trip.

Fri we traveled along old highway 64 in Arkansas to participate in Bargains galore on 64, where for the last 13 years people have yard sales, flea markets and antique stalls set up randomly on 160 mile stretch of 64.  (you can learn more about this fun antiquing event here) When I started researching this trip back in November/December, I ran across a listing for this, and since it was during our trip time frame, I figured why not?

Despite the ungodly heat and humidity ( hit over 100)  we found some interesting stuff.. most interesting is a old cash register to shred into jewelry components.

I've researched it and its a National Cash Register model 21, made in 1950 to 1968.  So this thing is at least as old as I am, and possibly over 50 years old.  We got a really good price on it... and Jerry is right now happily pulling it apart.  It's large, heavy and hundreds of parts.. so this might be a project for a couple of nights.  Still, so far my mouth is watering with the pieces he's already pulled off.

Who ever had this prior to us keep it out of the weather.. I mean it was sold as non working, but very little rust is on the internal bits and I'll have to wash/wipe the grease off.

Soo... some industrial / steampunk projects are in the near future! ( woot!)
Jerry started to take it apart before I got a chance to take a picture.. the number and sales wheels are already off of it

this is a pic from the side.. look at all those metal shapes .. drool!!

here are the number and sales wheels..

some random pieces he's already removed.  I've got plans for that large (approx 2 inch) cog already!


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Tammy Jones said...

VERY cool!

Welcome home and I hope you have a blast playing with all your parts! {{huggs}}