Monday, August 27, 2012

Random Thoughts

Brass, chain, crystals, pearls.  Long gone, the bird has flown the coop.
I love this design, I should make another one... mind you they never turn out exactly the same.  That's what makes it fun.  I don't have any "love" circles left, but I have a dream one.  Or maybe I could make my own circle and put whatever I wanted in it.  Huh.. that actually sounds good.  Any excuse for a hammer is a good excuse! 

I'm fighting a cold, so that always makes me less than normal.  My throat is sore, my adenoids are swollen and I've been sneezing off and on for days.  I'm trying to use my neti pot more than normal... fingers are crossed I'll just feel crappy without actually sliding into full blown cough misery. I"m going to try to get more sleep ... if I can actually do so, it should help.

Tomorrow is studio day, and Jerry is making home made pizza, so that's good.  I have a couple of ideas lurking around, and if nothing else, I need to clean it. 

We played 7 wonders this evening with friends.  Monday's are shaping up to be our regular gaming night again.  Jerry is working on a Dresden files role-play to start in the next month or so.. I"m really looking forward it it.  The game system is much more interactive than some-- it allows all the players to help build the world we play in.  It's so much more creative that way!  We are basing our world in Des Moines and the surrounding area, which gives it yet another dimension of play.

I made another necklace I really like from the gears/cogs of the cash register.. I'll try to have pictures for Wednesday's blog. 

Neil Armstrong passed away.  It's like the end of an era.

We got the Walking Dead comic book in a huge collected volume ( issues 1-48 in a telephone sized book!) and Jerry says the TV show is better.  I will probably have to read it over his shoulder or holding his hand... I can't watch zombies without him ( I get too scared.. crazy eh?) not sure I can read them without a buddy either...

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