Saturday, August 25, 2012

steampunk from sewing machine parts

Last week Jerry ripped up the sewing machine we bought during our trip at a garage sale.  Don't feel bad.. it wasn't a working machine.. I suppose if someone wanted it as a working machine you could have taken it somewhere to get fixed.. but for our purposes it was perfect.

Last night I finally got a couple of hours to rub together in the studio, and this is the first thing I made with sewing machine parts, and I love it!!

Before Destruction...
And After!
This piece is just so cool looking!!

Here is a side view.. trying to give you an idea of how 3D it is
Every moves on it... I love that!

I love how 3D it is, and how much movement it has, something you cannot capture well in photos.  The "lever" moved back and forth, and both gears can turn... and the part from the sewing machine just has that perfect look to it.. it's all rounded and smooth with a couple of sharp angles to it.  You would never guess that came from a sewing machine!

I'm hoping for more steampunk-y and industrial magic tonight.  As soon as I'm done typing this It's back to the studio for round 2.

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