Saturday, April 6, 2013

Flea Market Finds 04/06/13

WWI buttons... got 6 buttons.

the drawers I'm guessing used to be apart of a desk.. I love them! they are going up to the studio!  A variety of jewelry, small blue bottle, stamps, old watches, door hardware and mason jars of weird bits.. but cheap!

there is this one lady vendor that has bags and bags ( and bags and bags!! ) of jewelry, watches, etc.  You could spend hours just looking at her stuff, trying to figure out which bags to buy.  Most of whats in the bags is probably junk.. but I'll find just enough cool watch faces and watch parts to make it worth the rest.. and occasionally I'll find that one piece that makes the whole buy worth it.  This is 4 bags in case you are curious.

Can you believe it.. we found yet another typewriter!!   This one is in rough shape, but I talked him down to a price that is worth it if I can get even one piece of jewelry made from it's parts. I'm guessing 1920's as it's very similar to my mom's typewriter.

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Linda Sadler said...

I love treasure hunting! Looks like you found some neat things.