Saturday, April 13, 2013

Inventory Mode

My entire studio looks like this right now.. messy messy messy!  Check out my new stuff bear.. who's actually old.. My great Aunt Poss give him to me!  She's recently moved in with my parents and had to weed out a bunch of stuff bears from her bear collection.. she had like a 100 of them!

Made from nuts and other weird metal bits from a sewing machine, a cash register and a adding machine.  I think they work great with chainmaile, don't you?
 I am in full blown inventory mode.  About bloody time!!

Here is a peek at some pieces I've made in the last week.  I've made 9 items today (pics to come) and tomorrow I am hopeful I can get that much stuff done as well.  The house isn't too trashed.  ( except for the studio, which is a huge, crappy flaming mess right now... nothing put away, jewelry laid out to see what I've already got, the cat's messing things up even further... I might have to break down tomorrow and clean some of this up.. I can only tolerate being this UN-organized for so long)   I've gotten 2 more show acceptances in the mail this week... so the show machine is gearing up and really starting to gather steam.  First show is the Dutch Market at Pella Tulip Time!  It starts May 2th.  ( less than 3 weeks away!)
Vintaj brass with green crystals.  I sort of made them as a set, but of course available separately.  Hm... maybe I need to make earrings too.

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