Monday, April 22, 2013

Treasure Box

Here's how the necklace started: throwing stuff on my work desk until something "sticks" mentally, and then go from there.  The little tin is a old needle case, no idea of age, you can barely read "needles" on the front... but great patina!

Finished necklace, the red ribbon is vintage sari ribbon, woven in brass chain.

While the box stays closed by itself right now, I thought it might be loose overtime, so added a "locking" mechanism.  Besides, the extra fall of chain looks kewl.

The inside is lined in ripped up newspaper sticker, alittle bling and a red crystal  heart.  We keep our treasures (memories) close to our hearts...

Close up of the ribbon and chain.

1 comment:

Linda Sadler said...

I love the way you described the way your necklace came together. I like to audition things for my jewelry too.
Cool necklace.