Monday, July 1, 2013

ArtFest Was grand... but so is a break!

Jerry stands by some of our Neighbor's artwork... a 12 ft tall Cacti.  Goes well with Jerry pink Hawaiian shirt doesn't it?
ArtFest Midwest  is over and wow! it was such a good show for us, best ever sales.. but it's more than sales.  It's well run, the customer's were all so very friendly and our fellow artists of course were lovely to chat with.  And fresh baked chocolate chip cookies by the cup or bucket!  Anytime I can get bakery goods at a show is a good show!!  And it rained ... but we were inside and could laugh at the rain and the wind.  Actually we were so busy the first 6 hours of the show, we didn't do anything but ring up sales and adjust jewelry to fit the happy new owners. 

Jerry and I have a 2 week break... our next date is July 13th.. a double header!

First up is Downtown Farmer's Market 7-noon, and then in the evening (starting around 630 to? ) will be Jazz in July at Waveland Park 

I am taking a couple of days off to recharge batteries, and frankly clean the house.. it's fallen below even my low standards ... and then I 've got to make jewelry like a mad woman to fill in all the inventory holes that Artfest left.  This is not complaining!! I've very happy and grateful for such a good show.  but I've got work to do.  So I best go do it...

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