Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sharing my Jewelry makes me Feel special.........

One of my retaining ring earrings.. I liked this style so much I made me a pair!
As some of you know, Jerry has gone back to college and works par-time  at a local game store.  Yesterday he noticed one of the store customers  wearing my earrings! SQUEEEEE !   So he told her it must be one of his wife's earrings, and she gushed about how much she loved them and had just got them a few weeks ago at the state fair grounds.

This thrills me on so many levels..

First, my hubby, who is after all, a guy, could recognize my jewelry like that!  Yes, he helps sells it, and yes, he's much more interested in it now that he helps create some of my raw materials... still, he's a guy.  When I met him he could probably recognize the difference between a bracelet and a necklace and thought there were 8 colors... and now he can spot my jewelry on strangers!!

Second, that he actually ran across someone wearing my jewelry.  I love to make it, I love to make people happy with it.  It's always exciting to be out and randomly met up with one of your customers.. actually wearing your design at that time!! I've had it happen just a few times.. after all, we sell all over and Des Moines is big town ( big for Iowa) so random encounters are not going to happen that much.  

I have this experience at my day job from time to time... many of my co-workers have bought jewelry from me over the years.  It's still exciting and rewarding every time it happens!

It's always a validation of what you are doing as a artist to see your work on someone!

I love where my jewelry aesthetic is right now.  I think I'm really developing an recognizable, internally consistent style.. without losing myself in the process.  It started last year, and I've evolving still. 

The process is as much fun as the end results!

OK, time to go make some jewelry... I have a show this weekend in Marshalltown, the Linn Creek Art Festival Sunday 10-4pm.  I need to have some new lovely and interesting designs ready to go, so we can bump into more customers' wearing my work in the future!

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