Thursday, July 11, 2013

We have a double header on Saturday..... Farmer's Market and Jazz in July (Waveland Park)

Chainmaile braclet, stiff enough to stand by it's self, but still very fluid to wear.
Not that anyone probably missed me , but I'm BACK!

This post will mostly likely count as Saturday's though, because Saturday is busy busy busy!!

First I'll be at Downtown Des Moines Farmer's Market 7-12pm .  Same spot as we are gonna have all year - the north side of 2nd street, in-front of the parking ramp there.  We are the 3 or 4th booth in depending on who else sets up.  Close enough to smell Uncle Wendell's wonderful BBQ! (He's on the south side- the link is to his facebook, cause sometimes he has specials for facebookers!)

 Then 6;30-830pm (aprox)  I'll be at Jazz in July, Waveland Park.   The band? Orquesta Alto Maiz.  I've never seen this one, so I took a peek up on youtube, and they sound fab!! (peek here) 
I really like this kind of music-- it's so fun and joyous with just a hint of naughty.  Yum!

Waveland is not just fun Latin sounds, they have kids entertainment, pony rides, salsa dance lessons (Kewl!!)  at intermission, and food.

And  after all that fun, There will be a Waveland Park after party with DJ810 sponsored by the DM Social Club

Really, Jazz in July This Saturday cannot be missed...  it's gonna be fun fun fun!!

At the risk of angering the weather gawds ( who have been pretty damn uncooperative so far this year) it's not suppose to rain.  Seriously.  Zip, Zero, Nada, per the weather site. 

Since this is Iowa, that is of course subject to change, without notice, any minute now.

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