Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Random Thoughts

I Made this version of my "Valerie" necklace alittle  grungier.  I like the mix of the "soft" flowers but in the harder, edgier blacks and coppers.
The bad box saga continues.  I'm waiting on Paypal to make a decision before I can do anything else.  I finally got my refused box back.  The ironic bit?  According to Paypal's website (and what I've heard from other friends ) they often just have you "return" the item to the seller for a full refund which they give out, not the seller.  Since I've already tried that and had my box refused not sure how that will work out.  I can tell you I am going to be very upset if they think I should ship the box back to the seller again.  But, just in case that is the resolution I am not touching my returned box.. it's sitting the the studio unopened.  If I have to spend yet more of my money to ship it back to that person again, All I have to do is slap new tag on it. 

I've decided to keep my "good" box as a special treat for now.  I have a couple of large shows coming up in September and I really need to start getting inventory made for them, NOW!  So I have promised myself I can't touch my good box unless I've made my goals for the week.  I know, sounds silly, but I'm also hitting that part of the year where I'm just TIRED.  I'm starting to have creativity fatigue. 

We have had shows almost every week and will continue to do so until the end of September.  I have just 1 weekend off in August.. so I really need to get crackin'.  Now that Jerry has a short break before school starts up again, he's promised to start tearing things apart.  I have a couple of older clocks in the pile and a toy cash register ( so cute!) as well as a real cash register and all kinds of other goodies that are in need of deconstruction.  I bet some of the new pieces will start up the creative juices as well. 

I bought a bunch of new shirts recently.  It's amazing how wearing a new shirt you love can help bring some joy to your day.  I even got a compliment on my "new shirt" of today.  Nothing like a compliment  out of the blue to make you feel good!

Just that little lift can raise your spirits!

Course chocolate can work too.

I had a couple of folks comment on that Zombie walk pic I put up Monday.  Honestly it's hard to find pictures of me and Jerry together, it was the first one I came across so that's what I used.   We met at a science fiction convention, so  using a zombie pic fits the general framework of our marriage! 

Right now Jerry and I are both reading the Honor Harrington books by David Weber.  It's been awhile since we have read a series together -- and really nice ! Not that we ever run out of things to talk about, but it's funny the different takes we have on the series.  He loves all the science stuff, while I sort of skim that part.  It has a bunch of strategic and tactical exposition which we both enjoy. And it has a creature that more or less is a six armed telepathic cat. Mr. Weber is extremely hard on his characters, but not in a bad writing kind of way.. it's a war that has so far lasted 10 years.  People die in wars, bad things happen in wars.  It's got a real realistic edge to it, without ever losing hope.

I would recommend it to any science fiction fans out there.. good stuff.

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