Saturday, August 3, 2013

A little bit of this, and little bit of that....

The balloon man at Farmer's Market in Des moines. 
OK, so this will be a QUICK  version of random thoughts.

First... Paypal ruled in my favor.  Yeah!!! I'm still sadden over the whole incident but at least paypal doesn't think I'm a gear thief.  

I haven't left her feedback on Etsy yet.  The "bad" part of me feels like being a vindictive bitch and giving her a neg.. but most of mean realizes while she was wrong about my character, it's easy to see how she felt that way.  I'm sure the first underweight package was a mistake, and then to have the 2nd package damaged during shipment might lead one thoughts there ( my thoughts were there about her after all until I realized how damaged the box was)   I'm pretty sure she is a good person at heart.  Then of course, there is one's duty to fellow on line buyers.. you should tell of your bad experiences in hopes that they avoid a bad situation.  I will probably just not leave feedback at this point.

So in a few days I will have a refund of my money, so I can finally close the book on this whole shindig.

I bet you all will be as glad to hear the end of it as I will!!!

Today's show at Washington Iowa was slowish, but the weather was soooo lovely!!! Mid-80's, light, refreshing wind, sunny.  sigh.

It didn't have the crowds it deserved, why anyone would hide inside today is a mystery!   So Jerry and I took turns hitting the antique shop across the street from the show, and I even hit up goodwill.. and I actually found a nice shirt in my size there!! like, that never happens!! It wasn't something I would have ever bought at full price, but heck, just finding something in my size at goodwill.. I would have bought anything short of a wife-beater t-shirt just to have proof something in my size was there!!!!

Next Saturday is Downtown Des Moines Farmer Market.  Yeah!!  

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