Monday, August 19, 2013

My flying Tiger is finally flying!!

Front view
 I started this project back in April or may, and got stuck.  Part of the problem was building in the space so the cog can spin freely -- I keep thinking I would add something to keep that space free and also make a bail on the top of the tiger's head for the chain.  However, just from the front it didn't look quite right, either.  So it's been floating on top ( or on bottom ) of my projects in progress pile since then.  I've picked it up and played around but just couldn't get passed the twin problems of I want Movement and I need to make a bail.

Last Saturday I got my Muse box from B' Sue and it had bat wings in it! A little bell when off in my head and some rivets later, I had me my flying tiger!!

The problem all along is tigers would have bigger wings than just the little bit of feathery fluff around it's head.  Somehow bat wings seem really appropriate.  I really like this, and in my head I'm now calling him Charlie.  No clue, why, but it's there.
Behind corner view.. see large cavity so the gear can spin freely
back-view.  I didn't want it 2 "messy" so part of the infrastructure is pretty!

Lots of room for that baby! I used rubber washers to help space the cog just right

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