Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Farmer's Market This Sat 7-noon - Downtown Des Moines

just some of the new treats for Farmer's Market this weekend!
I sooo enjoy doing farmer's Market... the customers are wonderful, and the other vendors are too... and the food! I adore the food!!!

Cookies (always my sweet down fall) , cupcakes, crap ragoons, all kinds of cheeses, veggies, pasta, popcorn....

Jerry and I try not to eat our way through the market, but it's hard not too!  Last time I tried this new item, don't know the name, but it's mostly egg and ricotta cheese that was to die for !!! (started with a f.. )

  Sometimes there is a legion booth that sells freshly squeezed in front of your eyes orange juice.. it's the best stuff since the freshly squeezed  orange juice in Israel back when I was 21 years.  That's a long time to go to break a best of.. but farmer's market does it.  Anyway, any time we are both at the market at the same time it's a must buy for me.

I'll be on the north side of 3rd street this week, official spot is 3n5, which should translate 3 booths down from Court av & 3rd street.  However it doesn't always translate as well as it ought too.. so just look for me on 3rd north! 

You can get all kinds of info on the market here - enjoy!

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