Saturday, August 10, 2013

boy, my house is a pit

gear like thingies from a 1960's cash register..
 I need a nap!! I got up around 340am this morning ( Sadly, this is only 1 hour early, on a farmer's market day) got ready for Farmer's Market, which went great and we had the best weather we have had all year so far.. it was in the mid-80's, just enough wind to keep one cool.  Brilliant!!

My sister is coming in to town tomorrow and will be spending a night or 2 with us.  When means I need to get the house clean -- now I have low standards, but this place is below that.  I need to at least make an attempt to get it in better shape!!

To top it off, one of the cats started to pee inappropriately, and once one does that, they all follow.  aRRGH!  It's in instinctual to use the same place over and over (one reason litter boxes work) so once they start up in the "wrong" place it's a bitch to get them to stop.  Most cats don't go in the wrong place without a reason.... the problem is we are not sure why this time.  ( last time one of the fur-babies was sick.. but they all seem well.  The litter boxes are more or less in decent shape, and as far as we can tell, the other cat's aren't gaining up on her... ) We are working on it.  We have got them to stop except 1, and we are trying to get her retrain.  On the bright spot, that one area of the living room is very clean.. until the next time the cat's need a pit stop.  (can I say ARRGH! again??? )

I have 2 really big shows left on the schedule, as well as farmer's market, smaller shows and East Village Sunday Bazaar's.  So today I'm planning to clean, tomorrow is family time with the Sis, and then I really need to buckle down and get some inventory done.  Next weekend I have no shows.. wow! Only the 2nd break during this summer, so next weekend is earmarked as major production session... I think I will wear pj's and putter in the studio the whole weekend!!! I need to make more items with recycled parts, more chainmaile, more EVERYTHING! And I'm almost ready to do some etching, I've been working on pieces so hopefully next weekend I'll do a etch session.  So have a great weekend, and pass the Windex!
These are all new components, but isn't this a kewl pair of earrings?


PhyllisY said...

Usually if you put a clean litter box wherever your cats are doing their business, you can ever so gradually move it (and the delinquent kitties) back to its regular place. One of our cats is pooping on the floor not too far from the litter box, and nothing I've tried is working. The vet found no physical problem. I think she's acting out about something but can't figure out what. Need to call a cat psychic!

Kat BM said...

the problem is the litter lives downstairs, and they are doing this in the living room! hard to do it over the stairs! lol that is good advise though, the main problem is finding all the spots .. we have finally found them all, so hopefully we will be ok now, we got that awesome pet spray that neutralizes the smell and they no longer think that spot is "legal" .. fingers are crossed