Monday, November 18, 2013

Random Thoughts

My shows are at a end for the year / til May probably, thought I can pencil in some home shows and of course if anything really interesting pops up I'll go for that.   I admit after the success of the Holiday Boutique I'm somewhat more inclined to give more crafty venues a 2nd try.

Still I feel a huge bit of contentment that I'm done for awhile.

Time to recharge my batteries, catch up on other activities (house cleaning, ugh) and read books without active guilt.

The break between the last of the September shows and These shows in November was long enough I started to work on things for fun!!! So I doubt it's gonna be a long break.

Once again a childhood show disappoints the adult in me.  I caught a couple episodes of lost in space this weekend on TV, and boy, what a illogical plot both had.  How can anyone trust Dr Smith when he seems to betray them every episode?   Miners digging too deep and destroying the planet??  Judy and the other guy never quite seem to get it on???  ugh.  And Poor Penny, doomed to always be alone.

The robot is still kewl, Bill Mummy is adorable, and I still like the theme song.   The mom in the show is beyond insipid.  I think next time it's on I"ll watch the opening credits and ta da along, and then change the channel.

I miss the Daily show.  I hear what's going on in politics on NPR  and never hear the funny side anymore. 

I still haven't seen the last episode  of Project Runway Season 12.  I know Dom won, and I'm sure she deserved it, but I really need to chase that down sometime.  I wonder who won Face off??   now that I have time again, I'm sure I"ll trip over this stuff online eventually.

I'm contemplating buying a tablet, and then feel guilty.  I mean here we are doing very well managing money on a single income, but there really isn't extras $$.  Then I think the business has done so very well this year, and it's easily a business expense.  The business has some $$.  I want a I-pad, but at $500 it's way too expensive.  I 've looked at some alternatives for half that... still I don't really need it, I've spent 45 years of my life without it.     but I want it!! Why do I want it?  I wish I could absolutely pin down why beyond I want it!!

Part of our financial plan as a single income family is paying off the car ( which means no savings left, but no monthly car payment either) We got the title in the mail on Saturday.  I don't think I've owned a car outright since My college days.  My college cars were junk.  Our owned out right car is a 2012 Grand Caravan.  It feels good. 

Reading Terry Pratchett's Tiffany series.  pretty good.  I got them for Jerry for Xmas last year.. which tells you how up to date my reading pile is.

Going to watch a movie with the Man now... it's actually a homework assignment for him.  I don't remember being able to watch movies as homework when I went to college!!!!

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