Monday, November 11, 2013

This weekend: Beaverdale Holiday Boutique

"At my garden window"  brass , crystals
A funny thing happened last week, on the eve of my "last show" of the year.... turns out it's not the last show.  This coming weekend, Fri Nov 15th 6-830pm, and Sat Nov 16th 8-3pm I'm pleased to announce I'm in the Beaverdale Holiday boutique

Now, how, do you ask, do I end up in one of the best local and longest running (36 years and counting!!)  church shows in the Des Moines Area and not know about it??

Well, I signed up for this show, or tried too, 4-5 different times this summer, and every time the website would cut out on me somewhere in the process.  I would start the application again, and again, I would loose the website.  I finally gave up.... but apparently one or more of the application attempts actually worked.  Wooooo hooo!!

So Join me this Fri or Sat for a huge huge and what's gonna be a fun church show !!   I'm now gonna run upstairs and create new stuff just for this show!!

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