Saturday, November 30, 2013

surfing the web

The last week I've been cruising the Internet more the normal.  Heck, I don't normally have the free time to sit in front of my computer and just browse the web.  But I've been Christmas shopping, and that's lead to strange waters.  I detail only one:

 I am a hug fan of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas movie.   Jerry showed me this very kewl t-shirt design showing Jack in the holiday forest, staring at a tree with a TARTIS on it.  wowo! 2 of my most favorite cultural icons on one t-shirt! I want I want I want!! I did finally find it ( the artist doesn't currently have t-shirts up but you can buy prints here) but one of the things I ran into was Sally as the virgin Mary.    I kid you not.  I adore Nightmare, but Sally as the virgin Mary??

I did some more searching on etsy and ran across a couple more strange juxtapositions of various characters playing Mary, so maybe it's some sort of Catholic thing.

Notice I didn't lift pictures of either item because I respect copyright.  But click on the links to check them out!!

I still want that shirt.

I hope everyone had a grand Thanksgiving!!  I've certainly enjoying my 4 day weekend.  Tomorrow is a PJ day, if I get anything useful done it will be to work on my commissions.   I have a very interesting challenge from a customer I'm working on, but they are Christmas gifts so no sharing until after the holiday.

Or maybe I will read.

Or maybe I'll just goof off on the Internet again!

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