Saturday, December 7, 2013

Gearing up....

just a quickie, went to the Flea Market with Jerry, didn't actually buy much, but had a good time.  I did find a bunch of tins -- small ones, which I've been looking for, for a series I'm planning to start working on in the next week or so... so I'm pretty happy.

Also found some really lovely chandelier crystals, in a kick-ass drop shape.

A few other odds and ends.. I'll save the rest for for my next post once I get a chance to take pictures.

the flea market had the used book dealer again.  I love her... she brings huge PILES of books, and if you buy at least 10, they are only 50 cents each.  Heaven!!

Since Jerry went with me, he actually picked out 10 mostly Science fiction for him too. 

And the guy selling peanut brittle was there ... Woot!!

I've also been lurking on etsy and ebay and buying small lots of stuff for my mechanical romance line.  I've got more smallish tins coming for my new line ( typewriter ribbon boxes!! some really adorable) and I found a nice lot of older, 17 jewel watch movements with the faces still attached... which is wonderful my supply of older watch faces is dangerously low.  I have a bunch of larger faces, it's the under 1 inch size I'm really low on, and almost no pairs or almost pairs for earrings left.  I'm going to keep searching online for pairs.

I also bought a bunch of pendant crystals... splurged really, and they are gorgeous!!  The only problem is being willing to SHARE them enough to actually make jewelry to sell with them!!!!

Jerry actually took apart a couple of clocks and some of the gears in them... ohhhhh!!! I'm getting ideas!!

And I finally ( I hope) have worked out all the nit-picky design details on the commission I'm working on, my hope is to get them done tonight, or at least this weekend..

I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm getting excited again to make jewelry.  I think my batteries are at green again.. are just about fully recharged. 

Now if it wasn't arctic in my non-heated studio...  The little ceramic heater just isn't quite enough heat when it's below zero out by wind chill......

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