Sunday, December 15, 2013

more sewing machines...

sorry the photo is sooo fuzzy.  the cases are all wood, and in wonderful condition!  At least considering they are 90 years old.

I adore this motor tag .. these motors are original Singer ones so they date from the 1920's as well.  I'm excited, the motors we have had prior were added on a treadle machine after the fact. 

closer shot of the box... I'm hoping to incorporate this into our display without  altering it.  I want to be able to lay chain necklaces across it.. I"m thinking something using wire.
By serial numbers these date to 1920 and 1924.  Got them at a good price, and the boxes are in lovely shape for their ages... I've been wanting wooden boxes for a while, so I'm glad I waited til we found these!!  I know.. I have a thing for boxes.   But I'm actually planning on refitting at least one of these into a display for the booth.  That's a tentative plan.. I want to figure out a way that makes it useful without actually altering the box.  I have to consider this very carefully as this will be a huge footprint of space in my booth.. but if done correctly I think will add a lovely touch to it. 

Jerry's getting pretty excited about ripping stuff up, he's already started on these singer.  I really believe next year could be our best yet.. we are both so excited at the direction my art is taking!

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