Thursday, December 5, 2013

more adding machine fun....

such a cutie!! got it cheap, it seems to be in perfect working order, but missing the stylus... it's getting taken apart though, I have plans for the gorgeous brass detailing!!

Got this one at a flea market in South Dakota on my last best-est buddy visit in September.  Jerry Decided to start taking it apart as a study break yesterday.  It looks to be a easy one .. which is why he picked it.  ( he's swearing he will get back on track ripping stuff up as soon as all his finals are done next week.... I hope so.. I need some mechanical romance inspiration here!!)

So I did some researching on this cute little guy, and it's patented in 1946.  I can't find specific info on when mine was made ( late 40's to early 50's is my best guess), but check out this link which includes a popular science add from 1947, it's a hoot and a half to read ( it reads like one of those late night infomercials) and tells me all kinds of interesting stuff, like this is all metal, made PROFESSIONALLY ( what adding machine would not be professionally made?  was there a market for homemade adding machines??)   And it touts the lack of paper as a convenience for the buyer!!

Love it!

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