Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

shaggy loop bracelets, I keep thinking in my head shaggy dog!

Well, 2013 is almost over, and 2014 will begin.  New year always make you think of resolutions, of new beginnings, the ways to make yourself over into a better person.  Which sort of naturally leads to thinking something is wrong with you now.

I'm tired of that. 

I've struggled for years with just feeling like don't I deserve the space I take up, the air I breathe.  All the bad things that happen seem to be deserved, all the good things not.  The fear I feel sometimes, waiting for the other shoe to drop -- because life is going well, you know that shoe is out there, just waiting -- it's overwhelming.  Sometimes. 

The last few years I think, have been better.  I look around and despite my own internal self doubts, I seem to view myself with slightly kinder eyes.  It's a trend I want to continue.

So my resolution is this: I'm going to pamper myself more.  I am a good person, and I deserve the good things I get. 

So if I buy a book on i-tunes as a pick me up, it's OK.   If I can find a fancy bath product that doesn't make me sneeze or wheeze, then I'm going to buy it, and take that extra time to exfoliate. 

It's OK that I like colored pens.  If i see something at an art show this summer and can't trade for it, then just maybe I'll buy it outright.

If I can swing an extra girls weekend, I will.

And I'm not going to feel guilty about it, because there is nothing to feel guilt over treating myself well.

Happy New Year's everyone.  It's a good year to be kinder to yourself, and to others.


Susan Yorke said...

That was wonderfully said and you are absolutely right! You deserve every bit of kindness and love that comes your way. :)

Shaiha said...

Here here

We all need to learn to pamper ourselves without guilt because we are all worth it.