Friday, January 3, 2014

I had soooo much fun on this commission......

I used bronze wire, and balled both ends up to give it more "grit"

bicycle chain and bronze rings.  um!
 I am asked to do commissions by my customers from time to time, and this one was a blast!! The gal wanted her daughters to have "name" bracelets using scrabble tiles and bicycle parts, as both young women are biking enthusiasts.  I had to keep it simple because that's what the kids liked....   I ended up using bike chain that's been taken apart for the links, and bronze wire and rings.  Each tile was drilled (thanks Hubby!) and then wrapped in bronze wire.  I threaded the tiles on, then torched each end of the wire for balls, and then finished the wraps.. I wanted both sturdy construction and the orange-y/grey balled ends of the wire I think add a nice touch to the overall design.  These were Christmas gifts, so I didn't want to post this until after they received them.  I love to do projects that have so much meaning for the customer.  Everyone feels so good after something like this!!
here they are finished!

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